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Hairstyles for Long Hair 2020

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Hairstyles for long hair 2020 are all about the unique and special hairstyles that can be created with long hair. While it is true that long hair are a little harder to style and maintain on a day to day basis it is also true for long hair that they give more freedom  in terms of styling options and slight variations produce great effects in long hair.

Hairstyles for long hair 2020 are inspired by mainstream celebrities for the most part and starting off is the signature hairstyle of Kristen Stewart of the famous Twilight series. In this hairstyle one can go with their natural hair texture or spray salt water on the hair to get a sexy tousled look and then sweep all the strands to one side getting a cool look and a clear view of the face with no part of it obscured.

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A little more sophisticated and professional looking hairstyle for long hair 2020 is the cut blunt bangs hairstyle as was seen wearing by Zooey Deschanel. The hair of the fore head are sniped in such a manner that they fall just below the eye brows while the outer ones fall in their general direction forming slight waves and can also be slung over one shoulder giving a romantic and chic look.

A ponytail is a natural all generic hairstyle for the woman with long hair and a perfect example of this is the one seen wearing by Malin Akerman. Get a smooth shiny look by centre parting the hair all the way starting from the front and going all the way to the back of the crown and hold them back in a ponytail with a ribbon or clip of choice and be sure to use any shining serum of choice and any anti frizz formula to get rid of any flybys.

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If something more sexy and special is desired then the super sleek strands like the ones that Beyonce has are also a good option. Slinging the hair over both the shoulders and creating an offset side parting before is the way to go and be sure to use a protective styling spray beforehand clamping in order to get perfect results. Slicked back hair are a perfect option for anybody for long hair as is demonstrated by Kim Kardashian. To get the Kim K look, the hair need to e super straight so to get that, flat iron the hair to make sure that there are no curls. From here on, apply hair gel from the roots to the hair ends creating a perfectly slicked back look and use bobby pins or anything of choice to hold the hair in place or create waves for that matter.

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